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Augmented & Virtual Reality Today

Back in 2016, Gartner predicted that 1 in 5 global retail brands would be using augmented reality (AR) for shopping in 2017. 

The year is nearly out but we're yet to see the traction or mass roll-out globally. Somo attended Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Munich, one of world’s largest augmented reality and virtual reality events, to find out the state of the union within the AR/VR industries. 

Read the whitepaper for key insights on:

  • The current AR and VR landscapes and how companies are leveraging these technologies 
  • The innovative vendors and agencies creating opportunities and enabling these technologies to drive impact 
  • The potential applications and opportunities for AR and VR in 2018 and beyond 
  • How AR and VR could improve your customer and employee experience 

Read our AR & VR whitepaper 


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