Help! Will my app be deleted in September?

When users download iOS 11 in September, they will more than likely be running low on storage.

The easiest way to free up space, and install the update, is to delete rarely-used apps.

This type of consumer behavior can have a devastating impact on brands and their app usage. Especially those apps that are not used daily and used more seasonally or for certain infrequent tasks.

To make the choice of whether or not to deleted the app Apple helps the user by first identifying those apps that are rarely used, then even if they do decide to delete the app Apple will keep the data, documents and settings so it is there if they want to re-download the app in the future.

This activity sees Brands observe a rapid decline in activity. Planning and foresight is going to be imperative over the next few weeks as we build up to iOS 11 consumer launch.

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