iPad mini: love it or hate it?

iPad mini: love it or hate it?

Love it or hate it? Here’s a few views from the Somo team...

Fabio Gervasoni, Head of Design:

"Apple has plugged the gap in their inventory with a 7” tablet; although actually at 7.9” it is almost a full inch bigger than its competitors. Spec wise the iPad mini is basically an iPad 2 with a faster processor and smaller screen, running on iOS6.

Starting at £269 in the UK ($329) places it at the higher end of the smaller tablet market in the run up to Christmas, but we all know the appeal of Apple products…let alone the usual sleek appearance and flawless user experience.

I believe tablets will continue to be the personal tech device of choice (replacing laptops for many), but who is the iPad mini appealing to? This remains to be seen. Will it be new Apple users? Those without a tablet already?

It may not be the easiest sell in an already crowded tablet market, but I can’t really imagine it won’t be another hit from Cupertino, consolidating Apple’s leading position."








Jason Field, VP Business Development:

"My initial reaction is that this is a clever move by Apple as the iPad mini could become a major player in the enterprise space. The size and weight mean it is now truly a handheld device, which will be really useful on the shop floor and in industrial settings. The price bracket, while still more expensive than similar Android tablets, means it is more feasible to roll-out across a workforce."








Jocelyn Bull, Marketing Director:

"Personally, it’s the first bit of tech that I’ve decided instantly that I want to own.
I’ve lusted after iPads for a while now but have never actually gone and bought one. For me, it’s just too much to lug about just so I can read my email or go online on the go – I can do that on my phone. And if I need to do some actual work, I still need my laptop. Yes I’d like one for browsing Amazon while sat on my sofa watching Escape to the Country, but I want to be able to carry it with me. I want to stick it in my bag and have it to hand and the iPad is just a bit too big and a bit too heavy for that. The iPad mini however... is handbag sized! Absolutely brilliant.

There are other small-scale tablets out there, I know. But this one is Apple. It matches my iPhone. I know how to use it. And it looks gorgeous. I’m definitely hoping to find one in my stocking on Christmas morning (if I can hold out that long. The Apple store is calling to me...) And a quick survey of the women in the office suggests I’m not alone. Bravo Apple. At the risk of stereotyping, I think this might be one for the girls! "

Max Willis, Innovation Lab Manager:

"Previously, the high cost of an iPad motivated families to share one device between a household, but, with the lower cost of an iPad mini, you can buy two for the price of a full size iPad. It feels like a more personal device, and is affordable as such.

The iPad mini ticks all the boxes that Amazon were aiming for with the Kindle Fire, whilst the device is a lot more expensive, it has provided consumers with a realistic alternative. In reality you could call the iPad mini a Kindle Pro!

If the iPad was an incoming tide of sales, the mini will be a tidal wave."

Naji El-Arifi, Product Innovation Manager:

"The pricing’s aggressive for WiFi-only models, but still not cheap - especially when you look at the price of the cellular version.

In my opinion, Apple have brought out the iPad mini mainly because of the success of the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. No doubt they’ll have been testing this size for a while but have released it as a device to try and catch up and compete with the other devices already on the market. If this isn’t true then I don’t think they’d have made such a blatantly aggressive attack on the Nexus 7 during the press conference.

The one place that the iPad will win against Amazon is on build quality and app selection. But Amazon’s stronger when it comes to content through all the deals they have with magazines, TV, movies and books; Apple just can’t match that."


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