3 Wearable Tech Finds at CES 2014

3 Wearable Tech Finds at CES 2014

While sporting my own wearable tech (the Fitbit Force), today I scoured the floor of CES in search of the latest and greatest wearable tech. Most of the devices or trackers on display were either unchanged from last year or presented in a language unable to grab my attention. However, there were a few devices which innovated an existing item, or completely reinvented the way I looked at a device or product.

I must admit....there was a person who caught my eye today.

SHAQUILLE O'NEIL! Shaq was seen hovering above the crowd at the Fitbit booth, presumably carrying out a paid endorsement contract. Nonetheless, as a Laker fan I was pleased to see the big guy!

Now back to the wearable tech......

For innovation:

The June Bracelet, Neatamo


Neatamo hit the mark on this. The company created a sun sensor bracelet. But the beautiful thing about this device is the sensor is a gemstone. For me, this is groundbreaking because so far most wearable technology worn on your wrist...looks like robotic hardware. Usually the wrist-worn device isn't aesthetically pleasing nor appealing to the feminine taste.

However June is gold, it looks like a gem and best of all, it's fashionable!

For reinvention:

Watches and Jewelry, Ezio


The reason I choose to highlight Ezio's products for reinvention is mainly because of their "smart" jewellery. Disguising a woman's fashion necklace or bracelet into a smart device isn't an easy task.  The bracelets and necklaces on display look like quality, high-end fashion jewellery. I often wonder why Michael Kors doesn't just make a damn smartwatch or something! I'm tired of wearing a nice piece of jewellery only to be ruined by a clunky Fitbit. But I digress...

Ezio has reinvented jewellery to possess beauty, smarts and functionality. Their watches deserve an honorable mention as well. The face of their watches remain traditional, but incorporate small icons that light up to notify you of a phonecall or text message.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.49.03 PM

For design:

On the topic of minimalistic smartwatch design, Cogito takes the cake.  Among the "smartwatch" category, this is the first watch I'd purchase solely for it's design. It's a nice watch.


But it's also a smartwatch! It's functional and the battery won't die overnight.  The connected analog watch uses 4.0 low-energy bluetooth to pull notifications from your mobile device for quick and easy access. Customization options allow you to tailor your watch to your needs.The exhibitor showing me the watch, set his phone on the table and used a watch button to take a photo remotely----selfie problems solved!!

We'll be covering more wearable tech from CES later today, so stay tuned!

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