How to design for VR: a beginner's guide

In 2008 Apple launched the App store and with that started the Mobile App Gold Rush. Its Mobile Marketing 101 though, that you should not develop your own app unless it aligns with your overall business strategies and goals. Well now the hype is around VR and everyone is rushing to get involved.

The VR industry is new and exciting, and will become mainstream before we know it. However, it has to be done with care and purpose. Designing content for VR is a crucial step in the process and we have put together the key DOs and DONTs of how to design for VR, based on numerous lab tours and hours of observations. A beginner’s guide you might call it.

You can find the full infographic HERE, and to try out VR experiences for yourself, feel free to contact us directly at to schedule a Somo Lab Tour.



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